- OpenStack and CEPH based cloud hosting

CinderCloud offers public cloud resources in the innovative, highly-available and scalable OpenStack cloud computing platform, combined with shared high-performance, SSD-based CEPH storage.

Public Cloud account is an OpenStack-based virtual infrastructure environment with your own isolated IP networks, instant access to a Horizon Dashboard, and API access for remote infrastructure management. In a certain sense, it may resemble your office network with external access to the internet via your office router or even a small company infrastructure with servers connected to the local network.

Why do you need Public Cloud

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud you will get rid of maintaining your hardware on your own.

Forget about frequent hardware failures, long service outages, and high operational costs, spent on system administrator's daily tasks like monitoring and servers' maintenance.

Deploy your Virtual Machines in the cloud within minutes, without time-consuming hardware configuration and operating system installation.

What can you do with your Public Cloud

In your virtual infrastructure, you can provision your Virtual Machines (OpenStack Instances), create additional volumes, and attach them to your VMs or deploy the whole infrastructure templates with just one command or few clicks, using Heat Orchestration Service.

Connect your VMs to an isolated, secure network to let them communicate between each other, just like in a private LAN. Create multiple network segments using separate subnets, to isolate network traffic between VMS in your infrastructure. Attach your private LAN networks to a virtual router within your Public Cloud project, and access the internet using NAT, just like you used to do it using your home or company router.

In order to let you kickstart your project, we give you the OpenStack Horizon - an intuitive GUI-based dashboard, which enables you to manage your infrastructure smoothly and painlessly, to quickly adapt it to your growing demands.

What will you get with your Public Cloud account

Within a Public Cloud account, we offer you secured, isolated, and fault-tolerant virtualized resources and a computing power at your service. Along with a Public Cloud account, you will receive:

  • Public (Floating) IP v4 address (up to 5 IPv4 public addresses per tenant)
  • 24/7 Access to your OpenStack Horizon - an intuitive GUI-based dashboard
  • Public Endpoints for API access
  • Virtual router with NAT, Port Forwarding and inbuilt Firewall
  • Unlimited data transfer in public and private (isolated) networks
  • Public network bandwidth up to 250 Mbps
  • Private (isolated) network bandwidth up to 1Gbps
  • 10 private (isolated) networks per tenant
  • Up to 640 GB SSD storage space per tenant
  • UP to 500 GB storage for backups
  • OpenStack Heat service for project orchestration

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