- VPS based on OpenStack and KVM

Are you looking for reliable and scalable cloud VPS hosting?

CinderCloud offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in a fault-tolerant, highly-available and scalable cloud computing platform, integrated with NVMe-based shared storage to ensure high data security and realibility. Our Compute nodes are based on KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) hypervisors.

Powerful Control Panel

Easy management with plenty of features - cheap VPS with high performance

# Easy scale up

Easily upgrade the VPS plan and configurable options with just a few mouse clicks

# Local console access

Connect to your VPS's console directly from the control panel when needed

# Performance graphs

Track the performance of your VPS with easy-to-read graphs

# VPS power functions

Power on/off, reboot your VPS

# Tasks automation

Perform VPS backup and power tasks according to the schedule

# Notifications

Configure resource usage notifications

Why choose CinderCloud VPS?

Fast, Cost-effective, Reliable VPS Hosting with Extra Mile Support - VPS with Linux distro variety

Distro Variety

We believe each customer is different and each one comes with different OS distro preferences and experiences. To meet the Linux distro diversity we offer images for multiple distributions, like Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Manjaro, Arch, Rocky. - VPS servers which scale with you

Scalability on Demand

Our VPS servers are designed to meet your growing demands. You don't have to invest in your VPS resources in advance and pay for the resources that you are currently not using. Add extra resources (CPU, RAM, SSD) as your requirements grow. - VPS performance at the best price

Performance at the Best Price

Our VPS servers run on enterprise-class hardware (Intel Xeon E5 CPUs) and fast NVMe-based distributed storage array capable of high I/O operations to ensure maximum performance. - VPS with unlimited network transfer

Unlimited Network Transfer

Along with your VPS server, we give you unlimited network transfer and we will never charge you an extra fee for the amount of traffic utilization. - VPS in redundant, fault-tolerant cloud


The redundant, fault-tolerant cloud computing platform ensures high level of availability of the VPS servers, according to our SLA. - VPS with unlimited network transfer

Periodic / Manual Backups

Protect your data with manual or automatic volume backups within a specified time interval. Create your backups on the run, with a single click from your Client's Panel.

Start today with your CinderCloud VPS!

We offer a variety of VPS hosting plans, to fit your budget and needs. We provide a 14-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

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