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Create a Virtual IT Infrastructure in the Blink of an Eye

Are you planning to build IT infrastructure without incurring huge costs on hardware and software?
Virtual Data Center (VDC) is the perfect solution that you can scale depending on your needs. A Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a separate part of the cloud infrastructure that imitates a traditional data center. It gives users the ability to use computing, network and storage resources without having to own and manage their own physical infrastructure. VDC offers flexibility, scalability and cost savings, making it an attractive solution for many companies.

Why choose Virtual Data Center from CinderCloud?

Quick Implementation

Create a virtual IT infrastructure in minutes, without having to wait for hardware delivery and installation.


Increase the resources of your project as it grows, with one click of the mouse.

Low price

Pay only for what you use, without long-term commitments and complicated transaction contracts.

High Availability

Our data center is equipped with redundant infrastructure, ensuring reliable availability of your data.

User-friendly Control Panel

Manage your Virtual Data Center seamlessly - OpenStack deployments
  • Manage all VDC components from one place
  • Launch, delete and edit virtual machines (VMs) with just a few mouse clicks
  • Modify the configuration of virtual machines, including RAM, CPU and disk space
  • Create and manage snapshots and backups of virtual machines
  • Manage users and user permissions
  • Scale up VDC resources with one mouse click

What you can use your Virtual Data Center for

Discover some of the many examples of VDC applications

Testing and Development

VDC can be used to create isolated and secure environment for testing and developing new applications. This can help to prevent bugs and other problems from being introduced into production environments


VDC can be used to support DevOps practices by providing a flexible and scalable platform for provisioning and managing IT resources. This can help to improve the speed and efficiency of software development

Training and Education

VDC can be used to create virtual labs for training and education purposes. This can help to reduce the cost of training and make it more accessible to a wider audience

Temporary Projects

VDC can be used to provision IT resources for seasonal or temporary workloads. This can help businesses to avoid the expense of having to purchase additional hardware that they only need for a short period

Start today with CinderCloud Virtual Infrastructure!

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