CinderCloud - About

CinderCloud is a hosting platform based on cloud computing technology and distributed storage system. Our hosting allows you to run virtual private servers (VPS) and implement virtual network and server infrastructure, tailored to your needs.


We help our Clients to migrate their infrastructure to both our OpenStack cloud and external cloud hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) .

Our goal is to free the Client from the onerous obligation to maintain his own infrastructure, regardless of its size, so that he can fully and uninterruptedly achieve his business goals. We develop optimal methods and tools to make the migration quick and painless.


We are a team of DevOps engineers and Linux/Cloud Administrators, focused on a common vision of designing IT solutions and their effective implementation. We believe that each client is unique, has unique preferences and strategies for achieving business goals, therefore we our daily work is characterized by an individual and open approach to the client.

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