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Why CinderCloud

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Instant Provisioning

Your service available within minutes. Just grab a cup of coffee and start your work right away.


Take advantage of our enterprise server hardware and high-performance shared storage, based on enterprise-class SSD.


Competitive prices let you kickstart your project or move to the cloud even with a minimum budget.


Infrastructure availability of 99,9%, guaranteed by SLA, provided by a high-available, fully redundant, fault-tolerant cloud platform.


Manage your resources inside protected isolated networks within your project, create subnets using private IP ranges inside your virtual infrastructure.

Money-back Guarantee

We believe you will love our services. If for any reason you are unhappy we will provide a no-questions-asked money-back refund within 14 days.


We use innovative, redundant and scalable OpenStack cloud computing platform, combined with shared CEPH storage, to provide you with the high-performance, high-availability cloud solution.

Easily Accessible

Access your private cloud infrastructure anytime, anywhere. Manage your cloud resources using GUI, API or CLI.

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