- OpenStack Trainings

The training allows you to understand and implement a cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack. The training participant will learn about the architecture and capabilities of OpenStack and various installation scenarios.


  • 16 hours divided into 2 to 4 days (remote or stationary)


  • hands-on Linux administration knowledge

Training Content

1. Introduction

  • OpenStack architecture overview
  • OpenStack deployment methods
  • Basic OpenStack services
  • Additional OpenStack services

2. Deployment environment

  • Deployment planning
  • Environment preparation

3. Keystone - identity service

  • Keystone service installation
  • Architecture
  • Authentication and authorization

4. Glance - image service

  • Glance service installation
  • Architecture
  • Adding images

5. Nova - compute service

  • Nova service installation
  • Architecture
  • Scaling the cloud (adding nodes to the cloud)

6. Neutron - network service

  • Neutron service installation
  • Architecture
  • Creating provider (external) and tenant networks

7. Cinder - block storage service

  • Cinder service installation
  • Architecture
  • Additional block storage features configuration (image-volume-cache, cinder-backup service)

8. Additional OpenStack services

  • Additional services installation (Barbican, Manila, Designate, Magnum)
  • Additional services configuration

9. OpenStack administration

  • Creating domains, tenants (projects) and users
  • Managing OpenStack instances (offline and live-migrations, evacuating hosts)
  • Additional volumes management (creating, attaching, detaching and removing volumes)
  • OpenStack tuning (CPU and RAM overcommitment, project quota, block storage I/O limits)

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