- OpenStack Trainings

The aim of this course is to familiarize yourself with the OpenStack environment from both the operator and administrator side. After a short introduction, you will receive your own OpenStack instance and perform hands-on operational and administrative tasks. The training covers all the basics of OpenStack from general architecture to cloud administration.


  • 16 hours divided into 2 to 4 days (remote or stationary)


  • basic networking knowledge
  • hands-on Linux administration knowledge
  • basic, theoretical knowledge of cloud computing

Training Content

1. Introduction to OpenStack

  • History of OpenStack
  • Open source and commercial OpenStack distributions
  • Open source-based distributions deployment methods
  • OpenStack lifecycle
  • Virtual lab overview
  • OpenStack components overview
  • Accessing your cloud

2. Keystone - Identity management service

  • Domains, projects, users and roles
  • Managing Keystone catalogue services and endpoints
  • Manage/Create domains, groups, projects, users, and roles
  • Keystone services verification

3. Glance - Image service

  • Image features (properties, metadata, format, container)
  • Uploading, downloading and sharing images
  • Manage quotas for image service
  • Glance services verification

4. Neutron - Networking

  • Basic Neutron network resource types
  • Manage tenant networks, subnets and ports
  • Manage security groups and rules
  • Multiple North-South gateways with East-West networking
  • Network namespaces
  • Manage external/provider networks
  • Floating IPs management
  • Manage network QoS
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Neutron services verification

5. Cinder - Block Storage

  • Volume parameters
  • Creating, removing and managing volumes
  • Managing volume snapshots and backups
  • Restoring volume from snapshots and backups
  • Managing volume quotas
  • Managing Cinder backends (LVM, CEPH, HPE 3PAR, PureStorage, NexentaStor)
  • Cinder services verification

6. Nova - Compute service

  • Instance parameters
  • Flavor management
  • Key-pair management
  • Launching an instance
  • Attaching volume to an instance
  • Creating instance snapshots in Nova
  • Managing instances (starting, stopping, migrating, resizing, rescuingk, rebuilding)
  • Assigning Floating IP to an instance
  • Accessing an instance (SSH, local console)
  • Assigning a security group to the instance
  • Basic instance troubleshooting (console log, Nova compute logs)
  • Nova services verification

7. Swift - Object Storage

  • Swift components and processes
  • Managing containers and objects
  • Managing access control lists
  • Setting up object expiration
  • The Ring and storage policies
  • Monitoring available storage space
  • Setting up quotas
  • Verification of Swift services

8. Heat - Orchestration

  • Heat Orchestration Template and its components
  • Creating Heat stack
  • Verification of Heat stack
  • Updating Heat stack
  • Verification of Heat services

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