This short manual will help you access your Public Cloud Project on CinderCloud hosting using Command-Line Interface (CLI) and the python-openstackclient package to remotely connect to your OpenStack Project.

Note: This procedure uses CLI, if you prefer working with the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, please refer to the manual: Configure OpenStack Project in the Horizon Dashboard


Prepare the Client Host

Install python-openstackclient package on your Client Host from your distribution repository or using Python package installer (pip). Below you can find examples for specific Linux distributions.


Package installation on Debian/Ubuntu:

~# dnf install python-openstackclient

Package installation on CentOS/RHEL/Fedora:

~# sudo apt install python-openstackclient

Log in to the Client Area

Log in to the Dashboard with your username and password. Optionally, you can sign in using Google or Facebook account.


Select your Project

Click on the Services tile and locate your Project:


Click on the selected Project, next in the Product Details page, click on the Log In To Panel tile:

OpenStack Horizon Dashboard

You will be redirected to the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.


Log in to the Horizon

Log in to the Horizon dashboard using your credentials (from the Product Details page):

OpenStack Horizon Dashboard

Right after logging in you should see the dashboard with the project overview:

OpenStack Project Overview


Download your RC File

From the user menu in the upper right corner, select OpenStack RC File to download it to your disk:

OpenStack download RC file

Your RC file contains credentials and URLs, that will be needed to remotely log in to your Project.

Note: Store your RC file in a safe place and never share it with anyone, as this may compromise your project security.


Source your OpenStack RC File

Upload your OpenStack RC file to your Client Host and source the file in order to import its data as environment variables for your console session:

~# source

The file is password-protected, you will be prompted for your Project password in order to access the file:

Please enter your OpenStack Password for project 2-269-sandbox as user user-2-269:

Type your password (from your Management Panel) in order to unlock the file.


Access your Project remotely

Now, when you have sourced your RC file, you can use the standard OpenStack Client commands, to configure and maintain your Project, in example:

~# openstack server list

~# openstack volume list

~# openstack server stop 7026d280-f8ad-459a-994e-85c7d2b819ff


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