10th Jan 2022 New Coupon Code granting 50% discount for all our products

We have just introduced a new coupon code:


This coupon code grants 50% off for all our products:

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9th Jan 2022 CinderCloud added new Debian 11 (Bullseye) image

New Debian 11 (Bullseye) OpenStack image is now available for each VPS plan. VPS with Debian 11 can be ordered at: Cloud VPS The new OS version highlights: KDE Plasma 5.20 LXDE 11 LXQt 0.16 MATE 1.24 Xfce 4.16 exFAT filesystem support new package ipp-usb, which uses the vendor neutral IPP-over-USB protocol supported by many modern ...

8th Jan 2022 CinderCloud added new Fedora 35 image

Now, CinderCloud users can create VPS servers using the new Fedora 35 OpenStack image. New VPS with Fedora 35 can be ordered at: Cloud VPS The new OS version includes: Gnome 4.1, including improvements, i.e. Multitasking Panel, Parental Controls functionality PipeWire, Wayland on Nvidia, and libinput improvements New Connections App For ...

6th Jan 2022 Public Cloud Project Configuration Tutorial published

CinderCloud.com has just published a new tutorial:  Configuring your Public Cloud Project which will guide you through the process of: configuring the network inside your Project (router, private net, floating IP assignment, configuring security group rules) uploading image launching first Instance If you have any concerns or issues ...